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Legal Support for Businesses

  • Contract template development, maintenance and updates (including, but not limited to distribution, teaming, sales and services agreements, non-disclosure, amendments, addenda)

  • Extensive experience in legal document drafting ranging from service agreements, intellectual property licenses, and partnering agreements to commercial leases and build-out agreements—including adaptations that provide optimum legal protection and enforceability in the domestic or international jurisdiction in which it is likely to be enforced

  • Negotiating experience that includes lead legal negotiator in multiple transactions exceeding 50 million dollars in value and retaining, managing and working with necessary local counsel in international jurisdictions

  • An approach to negotiation that integrates and balances practical business interests with legal protections and risk management

  • Contract training of sales and marketing staff (if appropriate)

  • Maintenance of electronic files

  • Maintenance of text for common deviations from standard terms

  • Assistance in establishing and maintaining a contracts administration and tracking system

  • Review of the terms and conditions of third-party contracts

  • Advise business contact regarding associated risks and prepare mark-ups of agreements or directly engage vendor or customer counsel, as deemed appropriate

  • Develop an inventory and renewal/termination protocol for existing agreements that helps avoid unanticipated disruptions of vendor services or continuation of payment obligations for services no longer needed

“They are such an important asset to my company.”

- Brian Donahue, President, Safety Speed Cut, Inc

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  • Training for relevant staff regarding compliance with applicable laws, regulations and activities exposing business to risk (e.g. workplace harassment, OSHA, HIPAA, import/export)

  • Guidance and training regarding employment practices (such as wage/hour, employee leave, performance/discipline documentation)

  • First-line legal support regarding legal implications of HR decisions/actions, employee benefits, internal investigations of harassment complaints, etc

  • Legal support for merger and acquisition related activities

  • Cost-effective review, research and advice for all legal notices and other correspondences and notices likely to have legal implications

Legal Compliance

  • Initial assessment of regulations/laws applicable to business and on-going process for monitoring relevant statutory changes

  • Initial intellectual property assessment, recommendations for protecting IP and establishment of on-going process for registration and otherwise maintaining such assets

  • Risks assessments for legal liabilities inherent in particular business ventures and activities

  • Interpretation of existing contractual rights and obligations in the event of disputes or potential disputes—work with third-party legal counsel for resolution prior to the escalation to litigation

  • Assistance in evaluating and negotiating liability coverage and assistance with other aspects of insurance coverage

Liability Assessment and Management

  • Dispute management in which contracts and other legal rights can be used to settle disputes prior to litigation

  • Assistance in retaining and managing outside legal counsel for litigation or specialty areas of practice—effective cost management for such retained services


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