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Estate legal services

Perhaps you're looking to be prepared in the event of your death.

You want to get your desires and plans in order and down on paper,

so that nothing is forgotten.


We want to help you achieve this goal. Whether you have an existing estate that you're looking to make changes or additions to, or you're looking to start a new estate from scratch, we have the knowledge

and experience to get the job done.


From will writing and creation to appointing executors and more,

we will ensure that all of your problems are handled and that your estate is created exactly how you wish.

Preparing for the worst

While preparing an estate isn't the most fun thing to think about, we know the importance of planning for the future

and minimizing potential.

Give us a call today to get started on any

estate services.

Contact us today for any estate services you need. We look forward to serving you.





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Clients can rest assured in knowing their wishes will be carried out through the careful estate planning provided by Strootman Law Office.